In just three short weeks, Reif staff will be moving out of our home at the Reif Center and setting up shop in a temporary location. It’s hard to believe that three years of intensive planning and hard work has finally come to this point!

With so many changes on the horizon for the Reif Center, we have been getting a lot of questions. Some of those questions don’t have a short answer, as lots of details are still in flux. However, many of the important things we know for sure:

1. Will the Reif Center be presenting performances during renovation?

YES! In fact, performances are already scheduled off-site this spring. The Adventures of Robin Hood (Apr. 24) and the Reif Dance Spring Show (Jun. 5-7) will take place at the Greenway Auditorium in Coleraine, and the James Sewell Ballet (May 8) will perform at the Edge Center for the Arts in Bigfork. Our Tuesday Independent Film Series will take place at the Showboat Landing, June 30, July 7, and July 14. A committee has selected three wonderful films and it will be enchanting to watch them under the stars. Next September, we will present a short series of performances, which we’re calling “Reif on the Road.” You can expect to see these performances in alternative venues such as the Greenway Auditorium, the Timberlake Lodge and even some area churches. It will be different from the beautiful theater that we are accustomed to, but the important thing is that stimulating experiences will still be at our finger tips!

2. How will we purchase tickets?

Tickets will, of course, still be available at Reed Drug and online at You can also purchase tickets over the phone at (218) 327-5780 – our phone number won’t change. Furthermore, tickets will be available at our temporary Box Office location near the corner of 2nd St NW and 1st Ave NW (see next question).

3. Where is your temporary location?

Temporary Reif Center offices will be located next to the UPM Blandin Security checkpoint at the corner of 2nd St NW and 1st Avenue NW (in the old Cole’s Hardware building). There is no public parking permitted in front of the office. Parking is on 1st Ave NW in front of Janicke Bakery. Proceed, on foot, through the gate on 2nd St NW. Follow the signs (see map).

4. When will the renovated Reif Center reopen?

Plans for our Grand Re-Opening celebration are shaping up for Valentine’s weekend of 2016. We will extend festivities with a full series of stellar performances running from mid February-May.

5. What will happen to the dance program?

In short, the Reif Dance program will only be minimally affected by renovations. After the groundbreaking on April 6, classes will continue normally through May. The only change will be that all access to the studios will be from the dance doors and not through the lobby. Tech week for the Spring Dance Show will take place at the Greenway Auditorium, where the performance will be. During the summer, our construction crew will be making improvements to our dance wing, which are expected to be completed near the beginning of the school year. That means 2015-2016 classes will begin in a customary fashion, but in a renovated facility.


All this change is a bit disorienting, for our patrons AND for us! There will be lots to get used to and there is lots to be excited about. We hope you will continue to support us through this transformation. As hard as it is to believe how soon we will break ground, it is crazier still to think that, in less than a year, we will be back in this wonderful place and it will be fully renovated!