Musical Talent Needed at The Reif

The Reif is looking for talented local musicians and singers to be part of its shows. The new Reif experience will include live music in the expansive lobby before each show this season. Volunteer musicians will [...]


Fab 6 Beatles Review

The Reif is bringing the lush sounds of Fab 6 Live@TheReif on Friday, Aug 11. (Get your tickets here,) Gary Rue, music director for the group has some great insight into the reason Fab 6 [...]


Orchestra Program Gets New Director

The Reif has a strong partnership with the Itasca Orchestra and Strings Program, a like-minded educational nonprofit intent on training youth in the arts. Their office is at the Reif Center and the orchestra performs [...]


The Reif Needs Your Help

Life is worth living because of people. Performing arts is all about people. Keeping The Reif a vibrant inclusive arts mecca of the North depends on people like you, giving. It surprises some that  The [...]


Intrinsic Motivations Mobilize Millions

Celebrating volunteerism | Millions of people volunteer their time in the United States. Grand Rapids Minnesota is a microcosm of that love for volunteering. It shouldn’t be surprising that intrinsic motivation is the driving force [...]


Volunteers, Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Its national volunteer week and dedicated volunteers power The Reif. From ushers to leadership, performances wouldn’t happen without help of volunteers. Community members share their talents and time on stage, off stage and beyond the [...]