You can keep Oscar, give us The Larry

State Award for Arts Advocacy | The Reif performing arts center president, David Marty, received the Larry Award at a ceremony in St. Paul, Tuesday, March 6 during the annual Arts Advocacy Day. The ten-year-old [...]

Students are falling in love with theater

Consuming Passion | Grand Rapids High School student, Mackenzie Jaranson, 15, has discovered the stage and there is no turning back. “After school, I come here (The Reif) and walk onto the stage with no [...]

Singing to border guard, not on Bucket List

Prove it! The vivacious attitude and upbeat personalities of the Canadian trio Good Lovelies were not enough to convince a skeptical border guard of their “good” intentions. While on tour in 2009, the award-winning group [...]

Kids at Work – Theater Education Program

It's a Stampede What does it take to create a heard of wildebeests? And the answer isn’t a mom and dad wildebeest. It is part of the scene production for the upcoming show, “The Lion [...]

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Written by David Marty, Reif President/ As my July 1 retirement draws near, I’m reflecting on some of the interesting episodes of my career. In March of 1998, in my second year at the Reif, [...]

The Arts Help Communities Grow

Written by David Marty, Reif President/ I often hear people talking about the arts in our community as being a very nice amenity…something that makes our community a nice place to live.  The arts are [...]

Backstage at the Reif: Peter Rothstein

Backstage at the Reif Peter Rothstein, Artistic Director of Theater Latté Da Grand Rapids native, Peter Rothstein, founding Artistic Director of Theater Latté Da in Minneapolis may feel more remembered locally for his association with [...]

Backstage at the Reif: Mary Jo Jess

Backstage at the Reif Center November 2017 By my estimation, this woman really needs no introduction. I’ve known her for as long as I can remember, and in my eyes she’s Grand Rapids royalty. We’ve [...]

  • Reif-Center-Backstage-Katie-Benes

Backstage at the Reif: Katie Benes

Backstage at the Reif Center Katie Benes October 2017 Welcome back to a new season at the Reif! Last year in our Back Stage series, we introduced you to a handful of familiar faces from [...]

  • Roederick Cox conducting the Minnesota Orchestra

Program Notes: Minnesota Orchestra, Conductor Roederick Cox

Johannes Brahms Born: May 7, 1833, Hamburg, Germany Died: April 13, 1897, Vienna, Austria  Academic Festival Overture, Opus 80 Premiered: January 5, 1881 The Academic Festival Overture is, ironically enough, the work of a composer [...]