Intrinsic Motivations Mobilize Millions

Celebrating volunteerism | Millions of people volunteer their time in the United States. Grand Rapids Minnesota is a microcosm of that love for volunteering. It shouldn’t be surprising that intrinsic motivation is the driving force [...]


Volunteers, Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Its national volunteer week and dedicated volunteers power The Reif. From ushers to leadership, performances wouldn’t happen without help of volunteers. Community members share their talents and time on stage, off stage and beyond the [...]


No, Not Michigan

Written by David Marty, Reif President I’m a Grand Rapids expert. My last job before coming to The Reif was as Executive Director of the Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids . . . Michigan. [...]


Summer Dance Intensive Signup

Dancing never goes on vacation. It is time to sign up for the summer dance intensive at Reif Dance. The classes are July 30 through August 17, Monday through Friday. The training culminates in a [...]


Learning at the Feet of the Masters

Chamber music in the souls of youth | Envision students sitting at the feet of their masters. Great artwork has portrayed the likenesses of Plato, Socrates and Jesus teaching. Okay  - not exactly like that [...]


You can keep Oscar, give us The Larry

State Award for Arts Advocacy | The Reif performing arts center president, David Marty, received the Larry Award at a ceremony in St. Paul, Tuesday, March 6 during the annual Arts Advocacy Day. The ten-year-old [...]