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This harmony-obsessed group of six 30-somethings from Minnesota and Wisconsin blends voices that were trained together starting in college in Duluth, MN, under the guidance of Tina Thielen-Gaffey. Most of them have been singing since High School, including Joe Marty whose vocal career started right next door at Grand Rapids High School. Since college, they have performed a range of jazz and pop songs in various groups – a capella, theater, acoustic, and wedding performances, including a recent Reif appearance by The Sound Exchange! Using their voices together to produce music remains their favorite. This particular group is a reincarnation of the original Fermata Nowhere (with a couple new faces!), which started as a jazz group in Duluth, disbanding in 2008 as life moved forward and members moved away; but the rumors that MN calls its people home have proven true (whether by its natural beauty or siren songs), because they’re back! Today, they’ve pulled out the old jazz standards and Doo-wop favorites, as well as a few new crowd-pleasers and surprises for this special occasion.


A community event to recognize retiring Reif President David Marty who has served for 21-years, plus a chance to meet incoming Executive Director Shantel Dow. This fabulous acappella show will be followed by a free public reception at The Reif.