The Reif is looking for talented local musicians and singers to be part of its shows. The new Reif experience will include live music in the expansive lobby before each show this season. Volunteer musicians will be able to attend the shows as well as have an opportunity to showcase their art. Anyone interested should call The Reif at 218-327-5780 or email


“We already have an amazing space for people to congregate and enjoy each others company before the show,” said Shantel Dow, Reif executive director. “Our goal is to enhance the experience with live entertainment and showcase the outstanding local talent in our community.”


With a Steinway in the lobby, The Reif has had many impromptu “concerts” from guests who stop by to put the beautiful piano through its paces.


“There are many days when we staff get to enjoy community members who start playing and even singing in the lobby while we work,” said Dow “We know talent is out there, we just need to organize it.”


The Reif is looking for more than just piano music, it hopes to inspire all sorts of sounds encouraging guests to come early and socialize before the shows.


“We have more than 50 live shows and with our commitment to have our cafe open for every show serving snacks, soda and coffee, we want people to feel welcome,” said Dow. “Music is that addition to remind us of the bustling arts community thriving in the Grand Rapids area.”


Volunteers are a vital part to what makes The Reif tick. In addition to musicians, they are looking for ushers, an integral part of the show-going experience.


“Our ushers aren’t there just to direct people to their seats and hand out Playbills,” said Dow. “They are the first welcome guest’s receive and they help provide direction to services like restrooms and accessible seating. Also, our ushers staff the cafe prior to shows and during intermission. Ushers too get to see the shows for free and are asked to stay through the end of each performance.”


Whatever your talent, if it is musical or hospitality, The Reif needs you!