Prove it!

The vivacious attitude and upbeat personalities of the Canadian trio Good Lovelies were not enough to convince a skeptical border guard of their “good” intentions. While on tour in 2009, the award-winning group attempted to cross the U.S. border for a showcase in Kerhonkson NY when they were asked to sing at the patrol gate to prove they were a legitimate musical act.

“We couldn’t quite believe that he had asked us to sing for him, but you never say no to a border guard. We started to snap our fingers and sing an old-time three-part harmony piece called “The Heebie Jeebies”. We finished and he said, “Hold on girls.” We were sweating at this point, wondering if he’d let us into the country. He leaned out the window and said, “Hey Bill! You gotta come hear this!”

There will be no doubt of their talent after the Sunday, March 4 show at The Reif. Itasca County will be entertained and mesmerized with song after song, interjected by story and personality.

Kerri Ough, Sue Passmore, and Caroline Brooks are the Good Lovelies. The trio first united in 2006 for a one-off performance and has since compiled a catalog of four studio albums, a pair of EPs, a live album, and Christmas collection.

Over the course of their decade-plus career, they’ve covered plenty of stylistic ground, adding tinges of pop, roots, jazz, and even hip-hop to their country folk core at various points.

More than just singing

Songwriting talent flows from all three women and each brings their own style and ideas to present for consideration.

“Typically each of us brings a near-completed song to the table,” said Kerri Ough. “Then together, we work out any lyrics or melodies that need massaging and work through whatever harmonies haven’t been already chosen. Sometimes a song comes to the table finished and all we have to do is learn it for the stage. Sometimes the songs take waaaaayyyy longer to work through. The creative process is different for each of us, but it’s not a Good Lovelies song until we’ve all had our fingers in it.”

Good Lovelies is their full-time business and their lives revolve around the creatives and the tours.

“We all drive the tour van and we all share the duties of running a band,” Ough said. “For the songwriting credits, it’s important to us to share in the effort that goes into getting our music to the public. If it weren’t for the band, the songs we are writing wouldn’t be heard. We find that sharing ownership over all the music helps us invest into the performance of that song. We celebrate a song’s success together and we share in a song’s failure together.”

Maybe the driving of the tour van was the first thing that piqued the interest of the skeptical border patrol? Either way, a ticket to Sunday’s show will bring guests across the border for fun and entertainment.

Kerri Ough recently did an interview on KOZY with Kathy Lynn. Listen to the Podcast here.