Up until this week, the most staggering change at the Reif Center had been the removal of the auditorium seats. 610 of the collapsible seats from which we have sat and enjoyed 3 decades of entertainment were stacked in piles to go to the dump. Not a very exciting or responsible solution, huh? So, on Memorial Day weekend, the Reif gave its followers an opportunity to pick seats of their own for home theaters, camp fire pits, garages, deer stands, fish houses, etc. Nearly 100 theater seats went to new homes, and the Reif Center raised an additional $400 from free will offerings to put toward their renovation project. The best news is that the remaining 500 or so seats didn’t end up in a landfill either. And that’s thanks to Dave Isaacson of DB Fabrication.

Dave expressed interest in claiming the remaining seats with intent to resell and/or refurbish them. With not much scrap value in them, and happy to avoid the financial and environmental costs of sending them to a landfill, the Reif Center was eager to take up Dave on his offer. Currently, Isaacson has all 500 seats dismantled, stacked on pallets, wrapped, and stored in his warehouse in Cohasset. If you missed the chance to get a Reif Center seat for yourself, it’s not too late. Seats will be available as is or you can elect to had them refurbished to whatever extent you decide. Some of the ways in which the seats can be improved include: new paint, new seat pouf, new seat covering, and/or a new spring kit. Price would be contingent on work. Look for DB Fabrications Craigslist ad or flyers in the coming weeks. Or feel free to contact him directly at (218) 327-3346 or dbfab.mn@live.com

A huge thanks to Dave for helping us over this hurdle of our renovation! IMG_1962