What to Expect

Dance Fundamentals provides children with the building blocks to the expressive language of dance. Our program is designed to develop focus, coordination, and spatial awareness, as well as building confidence in one’s creative abilities. Dance Fundamentals classes are the perfect step in preparing a
young student to enter more formal dance classes, much like kindergarten prepares them for first grade.

Creative Movement (Preschool)

Walk, run, leap, jump, hop! Children gain body awareness and self-esteem through child-centered, movement-oriented games and music led by their natural desire to explore, experience, and discover their own creativity.

Expressive Dance A (Kindergarten)

Skip, gallop, and slide! The goal of Expressive Dance A is to familiarize children with the elements of dance and build confidence in their own creative ability to express through movement.

Expressive Dance B (First Grade)

Welcome to dance class! Children increase the skills they have honed in Expressive Dance A while developing focus, coordination, and spatial awareness.