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Fab 6 is a joyfully sprawling musical tribute to the Beatles in their studio years (Sergeant Pepper, Magical Mystery Tour, Abby Road) with a smattering of hit singles). But perhaps even more, it is a nod to George Martin (producer) and the lush arrangements that became so much a part of the Beatles studio sound.

Fab 6 believes that sound can best be brought to the audience’s ears through the use of the instruments that were originally used in the studio. Once you’ve heard the soaring magic of the piccolo trumpet solo of Penny Lane, the uplifting string quartet accompaniment of Yesterday and Eleanor Rigby, the clarion-call brass introduction of Magical Mystery Tour, you’ll never want to experience it any other way!

Paul Cassady (guitar, vocals); Jerry Gray (keyboards, producer); Gary Rue (guitar, Music Director);
Chad Magnuson (keyboard, reeds); Rusty Jones (bass); Tilly (drums)

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