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Exhibit of natural wood and iPhone photography May 25- August 1


L. L. Johnson and his wife, Cynthia, moved to the Northwoods of Minnesota more than 25 years ago. With eyes and ideas larger than the northern Minnesota sky, they set out to build a home. At one point in the planning stage, they hoped to build a log cabin but soon discovered that was more than their skill level would allow. So, a stick house, primarily cedar, it would be. With the help of a couple of dear friends, the house and garage were constructed. Upon completion, a sizeable stack of leftover odd-sized, unused wood remnants remained.

Now, those remnants and some re-purposed wood pieces are finding new meaning in artistic creations. The re-purposed wood pieces are milled western cedar, black ash, poplar, and oak; fallen birch added on occasion for flavor. No live birch trees are cut for NaturesWay creations.


iPhone View on Nature

From Ed Zabinski:

In early 2016, I decided to make some changes in my life: beginning a new occupation while ending some key professional and volunteer commitments.

Memorializing this life change, I stepped into a project utilizing my artistic interests and passion. I began taking one photo a day—with my iPhone—of my outdoor surroundings. I posted my “best” picture of the day on Facebook. By Monday, April 3, 2017, I had logged 365 days of consecutive photos.

In the process, I learned to be more observant. Like many of us, I discovered beauty everywhere. Using my ever-present iPhone as my camera, I was able to see life around me with a prepared mind.

I continue to take photos, but not on a stringent daily pace. I delight in being recognized as a “photographer” or an “artist.” I equally enjoy sharing these images and hearing the memories or stories they evoked in others. I hope this work encourages others to explore their own creativity in whatever form that takes.