Eugene Rein

Eugene Rein_Central School

Eugene Rein began painting and selling his oil paintings in 1959 when he was 13 years old. He has developed his realistic style throughout the years, selling paintings through many galleries, private collectors, exhibits and art shows.  He has received two prestigious scholarships and has taught classes and privately instructed many individuals.  Eugene will be exhibiting his artwork at the Reif Center in Grand Rapids, MN June 3 – July 31, 2017.


  • I stress the importance of good composition to be the first element of consideration when creating a painting. My preference is to divide the canvas into thirds, both horizontally and vertically and use the grid of four lines which create nine blocks of space on which to place and direct my subject matter.  I also use this grid to direct the eye into continuous movement through the painting.  On some occasions I manipulate this grid to accommodate the Golden Ratio (1 to 1.618) which Leonardo DaVinci re-discovered through his studies of Ancient Greek Architecture.  Because I construct my subject matter on the composition of thirds, I like to paint canvases that measure 24” by 36”.  I also like this size because it is large but not overly assuming and proportions well to most wall space.
  • I keep my colors as pure as possible, as much as the intent of subject and emotion will permit. I prefer to use a limited selection of colors on my palette.  I now use the new water-miscible oil paints, which handle and look like the original oil paints but are odorless, allergy-free and dry within several days.
  • I use pre-stretched canvases and continue the painting onto the edges. This wrap-around technique allows for the trend that eliminates the need for a frame and simplifies the image on the wall, but does not exclude the use of a frame.

Eugene Rein