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Thomas Anderson
December 12 – January 30


Art is a part of my life that cannot be suppressed. It occupies my mind almost every day. My thoughts and personal experiences blend to generate different levels of enthusiasm. As a result, my work is exciting for me.

When I create a work of art, I visualize images that make me think of the past and moments I’ve experienced throughout my life. These concepts come from observing life and what is familiar to me. Actually, ideas often develop from daydreaming! You would be surprised of how many sources in which an artist taps into.

I like to idealize life in my work, delivering a measure of nostalgia and telling the viewer a story is uppermost on my mind. I want my work to trigger a memory from the past. Touching ones emotions is considered an accomplishment for me.

The medium I use is colored pencil mixed with graphite. Th e colored pencils I use in a piece of art may vary (pencils from a school boy’s pencil box to a professional artist’s collection). I like the control pencils allow me. Finally, I use a vignette style because the configuration focuses on what is important in the scene.

Tom is licensed through Wild Wings Art Publishing in Lake City, Minn. His art has been featured in various publications – to name a few, Cabela’s Magazine, Boundary Waters Journal, Cabin Life Magazine and Minnesota Out-of-Doors Magazine.

Tom, along with his wife and children, reside in Virginia, Minn.