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100% of the proceeds benefit youth educational programming at the Reif.


Handsome and Handy: A Reif Center Fundraiser
Featuring Red Green’s “This Could Be It” tour!

5 p.m. R̶e̶d̶n̶e̶c̶k̶ Sophisticated games, prizes, home improvement tips & more!
7 p.m. Show
Meet and Greet with Red to follow

Steve Smith, better known as Red Green, from the beloved Gemini Award-winning comedy series The Red Green Show, is taking the show to the road in 2019 for his “This Could Be It” tour. The name says it all: Potentially Red Green’s last tour as he heads out on the road to hold ‘Lodge Meetings’ all over North America. This might be your last opportunity to catch Red live before he takes a long look at his birth certificate and decides not to keep pushing his luck.

This one man show features some brand new handyman projects, advice to married guys and teenage boys, tips on getting old, an apology to the world on behalf of all baby boomers, with special contributions from Harold and a couple of other cast members, talking animals, and a final wish from Red to all of his loyal fans.


Self appointed master handyman and outdoorsman and a weekly participant in Canada’s socialized medical system. The Ambassador for Scotch Brand Duct Tape and a firm believer that no repair job should outlive you. Hates information but loves his own point of view. Likes taking things that were intended for one purpose and using them for something completely different. Oblivious to failure. (That could all change once he experiences success). Either the youngest old man or oldest young man you will ever meet.

Born December 24, 1945 to mixed parents. Canadian. Male (except for the two weeks after the bicycle crossbar incident) Married to Bernice for 42 years. Right after he met his nephew Harold he made the decision not to have children. Has been leader of Possum Lodge since the late 70’s. Does not receive a salary but has access to petty cash. Does not have significant formal education but has access to petty opinions. Retired in 2006 when he ran out of ideas. Rejoined the workforce in 2009 when he ran out of money. 2019 is likely his last year of touring.